Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Saturday (1/26) 10 Mile Run

Since there's no RO Sunday run on 2/27 due to the Rockets Run, I am going to run 10 miles Saturday morning instead, leaving the MP tennis center at 8:00 and running counter-clockwise around the park, then down Allen Parkway to Sabine and back, for a round trip of just over 10 miles. Weather permitting, of course! The temps should be all-right, but who knows about the rain. There won't be any gatorade, but there are quite a few water fountains along the way.

All paces, styles, conversation topics, fashion emergencies, etc., are invited to join me. Breakfast afterwards at Mojo Risin around 10:30-11:00 ish (it's in the same building as Spaghetti Western).


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vacation Planner

After getting feedback the last few weeks, I have come up with a proposal for the following roadtrips for 2008 and beyond.

Next International Marathon- 2009

I was not able to get alot of interest in some of the more adventurous marathons. Berlin received the most interest as a group trip. Because we have had international marathons each of the last two years, the consensus was that it would be better to wait until 2009. I am really not sure whether it was the world class event or the fact that this was held during Octoberfest as the reason for the keen interest!!

Wild West Relay- August 1-2, 2008

We need to convince Michelle to run this. She was the only person who had reservations. The first third of this will be tough- see elevation map to the left, but then it's downhill. Can we get two teams? Once we are done, we can spend a few days in Steamboat Springs to escape the Houston heat. If this becomes a reality, all information will be updated on the blog. I'd like to hear your comments. Change of getting this organized as of 1-20-08: 25%- let's see if we can improve the odds!!
Other Trips-
In addition to standards like Beach-to-Bay in Corpus, a group of runners plan to make a trip to the Crescent City Classic 10K in New Orleans. The race will be held March 22 which is Easter weekend. Great course, great food and great post race party. For more details you can go to the website: or read my article in the May 2007 BCRR newsletter.
I personally plan to run the Hospital Hill Half Marathon in Kansas City June 7th. This is large and hilly half marathon- good practice for the Wild West relay!
As more possibilities come up, please use the blog to post ideas!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

10 miles 1/19 AM

Hi all,

April and I are meeting tomorrow (1/19) AM at 8 at Detering and Blossom, running to the park for a loop and then Sabine and back, for a total of 10-11 miles. We'll probably get to the tennis center at 8:20 ish. All are welcome to join us, and dress warmly.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

BCRR Marathoners in the Media: Part 2

BCRR was well represented in the media before, during, and after the marathon.

The Houston Chronicle

- Ray Boytim was highlighted in the Chronicle and was mentioned a bazillion times during the marathon live coverage on Channel 13. This was both his 30th consecutive Houston Marathon and his 200th marathon (at age 75)!! Quite an accomplishment!!

The Airways:

- Mike Mangan was interviewed for a full hour about the marathon and his quest for Boston on “The Danny Arnold Show” on KBME-790 AM “The Sports Animal” on Saturday January 5th. He will be featured again this Saturday the 19th (11AM) when he calls in his post-marathon report.

- Mark Fraser (together with Roger Boak) educated the masses about the Houston Marathon and marathon running in general during an hour long broadcast on KPFT on Friday the 11th. Thanks for the plugs for BCRR Mark!!!

Let’s Go to the Videotape
I recorded the live marathon coverage on Channel 13 to review later Sunday evening while I lay with ice packs on my legs and a glass of wine in hand.

The following people enjoyed a few milliseconds of their 15 minutes of fame:

-Allison Nadolski- seen in the opening Montage grimacing with pain/exhaustion (probably recorded last year)
-Joe Sellers- twice!! Seen from the back at the start of the race and later on White Oak Bayou
-Jake Tonge at White Oak Bayou
-Yours Truly(Kathi Mahon) at White Oak Bayou
-Dani Carbone-Sohn interview about why she is running- good job Dani, but you missed an opportunity to plug BCRR!!
-Eric Faria waving to the camera on Post Oak
-Bob Thompson interview.
-Linnie Reichle at finish

On the Recap show Sunday PM:
-Allison again
-Bruce Levy at the Beer stop. Looking Good!!
-Deborah Touchy at Finish running Yours Truly in.
-Kim Rose interview (as a spectator)

(Disclaimer: I was tired, horizontal, and drinking wine. I may have dozed off and missed someone. I apologize if I did. Please comment if I left someone out on this list or the one above.)

Kathi Mahon

BCRR Marathoners in the Media- Part 1

Several BCRR members were immortalized in photos on the Chronicle and Channel 13 web pages :
Mike Mangan and Bob Thompson making their way through the “Dead Zone” after Mile 20 . (M.Beltran-Chronicle)

Susan Scarrow (M. McGruff;

The always amazing Felix Lugo and his ever-present flag. Is that Rosie Schmandt on the left?
(M. McGruff;

David Harvey (M. McGruff;

Dennis Dwulet at the finish line (M. McGruff;