Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Dreaded "Tweak"

Websters defines "tweak" as: "to pinch and pull with a sudden jerk and twist" and that is what I felt this morning in the back of my leg running strides at Eleanor Tinsley Park today around 6AM. I think the injury is minor and I hope to run a long run on Saturday after 72 hours of rest, but this does put me in a lousy mood.

And it started out great. I got up this morning to join the Will's Hills group at 5:30. Will scheduled one of his more intense workouts which included after an initial warm-up run, the following workout: 1) a half mile warm up run, 2) a hard one mile run, 3) a slow jog to Eleanor Tinsley Park, 4) 10 strides/sprints of approximately 100 meters, 5) 12 minutes of fairly steep hills, then 5) another hard one mile and a 6) cool down back to home base. Try it sometime, especially in the middle of August!

Today, however, was dark and damp and cold. After an initial sluggishness during the first mile, I started to feel pretty good. But it was during the eighth stride that I felt the dreaded tweak. Instead of trying to finish the work-out, I slowly jogged back to home base. Maybe I'm getting a little smarter in my old age!

Mentally, I am trying to figure out why this happened: was it the run late last night being too close to the morning workout? was it lack of a proper warm up on a cold morning? did I just come down wrong on a dark uneven surface while trying to sprint? Why does this have to happen when I've become happy with my running for the first time in months?

Also, mentally, I am thinking about when I can run again. I have had injuries that were alot worse. The pain is isolated and does not spread when I walk or go up and down stairs.

I'm optimistic that the recovery will be short, but for now the dreaded 'tweak' has ruined my day!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Let It Snow

Real runners don't let a little snow get in the way of our Ritual Wednesday BCRR Club Run! (Photos: E. Rodriguez)

Hey you wimps out there who were too wuss to come out to play in the cold (you know who you are)!! We had a blast running in the snow without you!! Truly a unique experience in Houston... We had fun warming up at Valhalla after thanks to the generousity of Jay Byers, who funded the tab. Thanks Jay.
K. Mahon

Monday, December 8, 2008

BCRR Christmas party!!!

Yesterday, the BCRR holiday bash was a total BLAST. We started with BCRR trivia and a game of Bingo. Surprisingly, all the draws for Bingo winners were won by BCRR beautiful ladies except Mark Fraser. Guys, I smell something fishy here :-) A big round of applause for April Murphy for putting together all those fun events.

DJ was simply awesome. Who would have thought that after ~12-21 mile long run in the morning so many people will be on their toes dancing for almost two hours. I took some pictures/video which are posted below.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday in the Park with John...

John at the 25K Awards Ceremony (Photo: HMSA)

Last Sunday was one busy day in the spotlight for our John Phillips. After erecting the BCRR tent, brewing hot coffee (etc., etc.) and setting out the club porta-potties at the HMSA 25K , he masterfully emceed the event and awards ceremony. Shortly thereafter, while most of us were collapsed on one of the couches at Sue and Alan's, he appeared tailgating at Reliant Park before the Texans-Ravens game.

Watch and learn the secret of his success:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BCRR Top Gun a Tight Race

Rob Walter's performance in the HMSA 25K on Sunday inched him closer to Jay Hendrickson in the race for BCRR's male "Top Gun" award. The Top Gun award is given annually to the best age graded performance in a HARRA race. Both Rob and Jay won their respective age groups in Sunday's middle leg of the HARRA Marathon Warm-Up Series. Rob's time of 1:39:43 translates to an age graded percentage of 78.89 an improvement of 0.47% over his performance in the half marathon.

Jay's time of 1:47:03 was aged graded at 78.13%, but his performance in the half marathon of 1:28:30 came out at an aged graded percentage of 79.02. How close it that? If Rob had run the 25K just 11 seconds faster (or about 0.7 sec per mile), he would be slightly ahead of Jay.

Also, in case you are wondering, Anna Helm, who blistered the half marathon in 1:30:18 leads all BCRR women in the Top Gun competition with a rating of 76.61.

We have many more races to follow and it will be interesting to track the race between Jay and Rob through next spring.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Valhalla on "Best of Houston" List!!

Once again, Valhalla - our favorite club watering hole - has made the Houston Press "Best of Houston List". This year it is recognized as the "Best Place to Lie Around Drinking Beer".

Valhalla has previously been recognized as the "Best Bar for Kids" (2002) and the "Best Place to Meet Single Women" (2004) (reviewers must have been there on a Wednesday night).

Who could have guessed that Valhalla would be the optimal place for the discerning gentleman to lie around drinking with his kids while trying to meet single women?And we thought it was just a great place to hang out after running for cheap drinks!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tornados join BCRR members for a fun Wendesday evening run !!!

Yesterday (10/22/08), some folks from Tornados running club joined us for a fun Wednesday evening run. It was great to see healthy camaraderie among both club members. As per Tornados reputation of being fast runners, they soon disappeared from the sight and were found early at Valhalla :)

A big thanks for Tornados club for putting a $100 tab at Valhalla. By the time everyone reached Valhalla it was raining heavily and everyone had to pack inside Valhalla. Few folks looked out from Valhalla and looked back with a big smile on their faces saying, "Ah, I can't go out in this rain. I have to drink another beer."
Soon, $100 were exhausted and Eddie was nowhere to be found for another $100 on tab.

Later in the evening, J. P. Frederickson and Steve showed some neat card tricks followed by few rounds of friendly poker game.

As usual I took some pictures which are here, :-)

To download/print any pictures, please click the text you are reading, click on the picture, and click download button (Slideshow, Share, download & print buttons are located on top-left corner of the page). It is as easy as it sounds :-)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chuck & Cheryl's b'day splash party!!!

Today (Oct 8, 2008) Chuck and Cheryl hosted a great birthday splash party at their place. We had plenty of beer, snacks, pizza and a nice pool to cater to our needs. Towards the end of the party couple of crazy runners (Cheryl, Dany, Monica, Gracilla, Rebecca and me) tried out some Salsa, swing and what not :-)

I think everyone had awesome time and I took a few photos to make it more memorable. Once again a big round of applause to Chuck and Cheryl for hosting a wonderful party.

To download/print any pictures, please click the text you are reading, click on the picture, and click download button (Slideshow, Share, download & print buttons are located on top-left corner of the page). It is as easy as it sounds :-)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Maribelle's by the Bay - R.I.P.

Another sad casualty of Hurricane Ike: Maribelle's, the historic and colorful bar in Seabrook and site of the annual BCRR favorite "Maribelle's by the Bay 5K". Aerial photos indicate that the building is no longer standing. All that can be seen is the concrete foundation and the vestiges of the decks in the back. Maribelle's was one of the oldest bars in the area and was allegedly frequented by astronauts and other NASA employees in the early days of the Space Program.

Before Ike (Google maps)

After Ike

Shown here are aerial photos taken before and after the storm (M: Maribelle's; D: Deck)

Will this year's Maribelle's 5K be the last?


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Virgo the Virgin!!!

Virgo is the Sixth sign of the Zodiac. It heralds the end of Summer and nearing of the harvest. The origin of its name has become lost over time but among European and Middle Eastern mythology, Virgo has always been a symbol of fertility and a representation of the production of crops. Even in prehistoric times, this Zodiac Sign was perceived as both a mother and a virgin.

Okay, enough with this stuff... :-)

The bottom line is that today Valhalla was closed for renovations and the great Virgos of BCRR organized a wonderful party at Memorial Park. I had to choose between work and the party and I am glad that I made a better choice.

I met lots of new BCRR members and a few Hashers who are always fun to talk to. I also took some pictures which are here as usual, :-)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday@Valhalla (08/27/08)

Yesterday night I had lots of fun at Valhalla. It also happened to be my birthday but being a poor graduate student I didn't put a free tab there. May be on my next birthday, :) And, here is the business as usual aka Pictures.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Marathon viewing party@Fox Grills

Eddie did a wonderful job in organizing Marathon viewing party at Fox Grills near Galleria. Samuel Kamau Wanjiru of Kenya set a new Olympic record of 2:06:32. I took a few pictures from my cellphone. The quality of the pictures is little inferior but they do convey the mood at the party, :-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eddie's Birthday Fun at Valhalla@08/13/2008

Eddie celebrated his birthday by buying beer for thirsty runners at the gate of Heaven aka Valhalla. We all wish Eddie a very happy birthday. Here are some of the pictures I took (business as usual) :-)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Red Dress Run - New Orleans

BCRR's LA annex dressing up for a day on the town in the Big Easy for the Red Dress Run.

Pictured Avi-licious Moss, Michelle Doyle

"Yea Avi- you've got a purdy mouth ---should show it off!!"

Pictured Avi Moss

Um, Avi, you've changed.... Anna

New Orleans will do that to a guy. Roger

Avi...always in fashion. Cheers, - j

1) You wear it well.

2) Red is your color.

3) You go, girl!

Katie Decker

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Maribelle's by the Bay 5K

PUT THE LIME IN THE COCONUT...BCRR Participants (lt-rt): Kathi Mahon, Katie Decker, Cathy McGlohn, Larry Cullen, Roger Redding, Mike Mangan, Tara Shipper, John Phillips, Clayton Smith, Mick Midkiff. Not pictured: Jake Tonge, Rosie Schmandt, Andrea Milborne, Hardeep Thind, Alfonso Torres. Photo: Rosie Schmandt

That's not Poseidon rising from the sea- it's just Big John cooling his jets in the Bay!! Photo: Katie Decker

What to do on the hottest weekend of the year? Run a 5K of course!! Bayou City Road Runners are made of tough stuff after all!! The Maribelle's on the Bay 5K in Seabrooke is an annual favorite excursion. We always know what to expect- heat and humidity for sure - but the course is right next to the water and there is always a breeze from the bay. The best part: the pizza, cold beer and camaraderie waiting at the end! Only thing missing: 5 year age groups (hint to organizers).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pictures@Valhalla on Wednesday, July 23rd 2008!!!

Valhalla had lots of people tonight. Rob Walters bought beer to celebrate his birthday. Here are some of the pictures I took.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Hour@Mezzanine Lounge

Here are the pictures from the Happy hour at Mezzanine lounge on Friday.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Twisting by the Pool

"Come on in- the water's fine!!"

Ray Boytim, Avi Moss, June Harris, Jake Tonge, Kathi Mahon, Mike Doyle, Cathy McGlohn, Rosie Schmandt, Don Brenner (photos: Matt Nicol)

The Independence Day 5K in Deer Park (June 28th) is an annual favorite of many BCRRers and this year was no exception. Although the conditions are always hot and humid, this well-organized small race has a fast course, enough competition to make things interesting, a great after party, impressive awards, plentiful door prizes, and most importantly, ends with a dip in the pool. As usual, everyone from BCRR left with a trophy, a door prize or both.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Olympic Trial Videos

If you missed the televised coverage of the Olympic Trials in Track and Field you can view highlights here. (you may need to scroll to "Olympic Trials"). Of particular note: Check out the women's 10K final, in which Amy Begley makes a gutsy sprint for the last position on the team and the (wind-aided) world record performance of Tyson Gay in the Men's 100m.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


BCRR and Harra are co- sponsoring the screening of a new documentary, Volcanic Sprint, on Saturday July 12. The film is about an annual marathon distance race up and down a volcano in Camaroon. You can view a trailer for Volcanic Sprint here.

The screening will be held at the Aurora Theater, 800 Aurora, Houston. Tickets are $10 online or $10 by cash or check at the door. There is a reception from 7-8 and the screening starts at 8PM. See website for additional information.

Check out ATHLINKS.COM is a very cool and useful website for runners who like to race. It is a comprehensive online race results database for running, triathalon, cycling, mountain biking, swimming and adventure racing. You don't have to join to search for results, but joining allows you to access some of the other features. The most important features are below:

  • Find and consolidate all your race results. You can do this quickly and with one search as opposed to slogging through the results of individual races on different websites. It's a great way to see and maintain all of your results in one place. You can even add races that are not online and consolidate results run under different aliases. This feature will be especially useful for BCRR members "Morry Copulare", "Homer Plate", "Inda Ozone", and "Chip Tyme".

  • Check out the results of friends and competitors. You can then plot the trajectory of their age-related decline against your own, etc... Or let's say a runner with a gender-neutral name like "Chris", "Pat", or "Tracy" beats you in a race and you suspect they are a man instead of a woman. You can check this out in seconds on

  • Network with other runners and groups.

We have a BCRR group already up and running. Check it out and join in at

K. Mahon

Monday, May 5, 2008

BCRR Vet Women on Top

Got Hardware?

For the first time BCRR Veteran Women won BOTH Team and Club Competition Awards for the HARRA Fall Series! Awards were presented by HARRA at the Bayou Bash Relay in which BCRR Vet women teams also took 1st, 2nd and 4th place in their division - Sweet!

For those unfamiliar with the HARRA Interclub Competition , the "Team" competition is based on the top age-graded performance for the top scoring team (3 people/team) for each category for each race. The "Club" award is based on performance and participation as it scores for each team. (See Harra Rules - Bob Brown wrote a detailed explanation in the October 07 newsletter). Thus even if a Vet woman ran only one HARRA race in the fall series, she contributed to the Club award. Every person counts!!

Well Done!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

BCRR Among Top Ten Houstonians at Boston

Two Bayou City Road Runners were among the top ten Houstonian finishers at the 2008 Boston Marathon, as reported by Jon Walk in the RunHouston Blog (Houston Chronicle 4/21/08):

- Robert Walters, 3:07:31 - 7th male

- Anne Esler, 3:20:16 - 4th female


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

LP Run- 2008

Fred, Mike and Gary strategize (and check their pulses) before the race

We had respectable club turnout for the annual LP Run held at St Thomas track April 9, 2008. This race is part of the HARRA Spring Series and is sponsored by the Terlinguins. For those unfamiliar, the object is to run around and around the track as fast as you can for 33 1/3 minutes- the goal being to cover the most distance in this time.

BCRR Hardware: Chris Harris was 2nd Clydesdale, Anna Helm was 2nd master’s woman, and MJ Savino and Hope Sellers got 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 60+ women's division. Gary Wood, Don Brenner and Fred Steves swept the 65-69 division, completely shutting out Mike Mangan. However, Mike literally enjoyed the “last laugh” when he won 3rd place in the Limerick contest. Here is his winning contribution:

I have run many different style races.
And did them at various paces,
But the LP Run,
Has been the most fun,
For a change I am seeing folks' faces!

Great Limerick Mike!! This is not the first time you have rhymed- remember the “Ode to John’s Long Run” a couple of newsletters ago? You are arguably becoming the Poet Laureate of BCRR!!

K. Mahon

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

BCRR International Marathon Trip China and Olympic Games

China Marathon and Olympics Trip 2008. BCRR is happy to announce that an international marathon trip has been selected for this summer. We have chosen China not only because of its’ exotic location plus it coincides with the Olympics. Our group will be lead again by Bob. His experience in organizing past events and his knowledge of China should help make this BCRR marathon the best ever. The dates are set for August. The weather should be ideal. The summer temps and humidity match those of Houston so it’ll be an especially easy transition. The so called problem with smog that has forced some Olympic participants to drop out should not be a concern. We Houstonians will have a huge advantage in that regard. Due to the varying interests of our group we plan to be more laissez-faire in our itinerary to allow everyone to uniquely sample this mysterious country. BCRR will not be able to guarantee to tickets to specific Olympic events and transportation and meals will be on your own. The highlight of the course is running on or near the Great Wall. BCRR plans to start a marathon warm-up program geared toward the race. The Run-By-You-and-You Training Program will have weekly runs in Deer Park to help get us accustomed to the conditions. These runs starting before lunch on Sundays will be wonderful opportunity to bond with your fellow runners under the blazing hot, hot Houston summer sun. Deposits need to be collected as soon possible. Do not contact Bob personally

BCRR Recovering Runners Group

BCRR Run-Al-Anon Fridays ongoing. Do you feel you have a running problem? Drinking problem? Addictions have taken over your life? Well, BCRR has a new group that can help. Do you have a strange need to arise early on Sunday mornings and go out and run before the sun comes up? Do you run loops around a track or up hills or parking garages or stadium steps for the fun of it? Can you go a day or a few days without running before you start feeling guilty for being a slacker? Do you have to run the Houston Marathon every year? Can you stop at a couple beers or glasses of wine at Valhalla? Do you have a tendency to run, drink, eat, binge or engage in these unhealthy lifestyles? Our newly formed group with the help of dedicated mental professionals and runners themselves are here to help you out. You are not alone. Our group will help you through these addictions and steer you on a path towards self discovery and enlightenment. Our professionals use a modified behavioral approach that has been profoundly helpful. Meetings take place after BCRR Happy Hours. Check the website for updates.

BCRR Rabies Awareness Run 2009

2009 Race Volunteer Duties. Due to the great success in help running the yearly Rockets Run the board of BCRR has proposed managing a new race for next year the “Inaugural Rabies Awareness Run”. This charity as featured on The Office will shine light on this particularly oppressive disease. The race will take place 1 week before the marathon and set for 35K. This distance longer than any of the warmup races would serve as the perfect fast paced long run before the marathon. New features that we’ll be doing include setting all mile markers at 4500 feet such that everyone will be on PR pace just like past Rockets Runs. We’ll have shortcuts, unguarded Metro rail crossings, beer and water stops. We’ll be saving on street closings by doing 6 loops around the Toyota Center and 6 loops around Minute Maid. The race will have limited registrations and capped at only 8000 chipped runners. The board feels it has found just the right charity in Rabies Awareness. No flimsy metals, painted rocks, sombreros for the winners instead we’ll be giving out Spec’s gift cards. All club volunteers will get t-shirts, unlimited donuts and coffee race day. We’ll have a drawing at the marathon for all volunteers that helped us for the race. The prize we’ll be a margarita machine donated by an anonymous donor. Remember the date January 2009 and lets put an end to rabies for good.

BCRR Charity Calendar 2009

BCRR Charity Calendar 2009. BCRR is looking for volunteers to help organize a calendar featuring our sexiest runners for 2009 to help support our favorite charity. We’re looking for committed individuals to make this a successful BCRR fundraiser. We know we’ll have no shortage models/runners. If you'd like to step forward and give up your time for this worthy cause let us know as soon as possible. . The forming committee so far has had many volunteers for models but finding sponsors will be our most pressing need. Pictured May 2009 and July 2009.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tour de Bayou Series Begins

Matt Nicol gets Lei'ed on the Ho Chi Minh Trail (photo: TRex)

The Tour de Bayou Series of cross country races begins on April 1st. This HARRA sponsored series is organized by Roger Boak ( and consists of 5 races held on consecutive Tuesdays in April. The distances vary between 5 and 8K. Open and Master (age-graded) winners receive a lei and are determined for each stage as well as for cumulative stages. The races are absolutely free- all you have to do is show up and promise to "be careful".

If you haven't raced these before, they are very low key and a lot of fun! BCRR members Anna Sumrall Helm and Matt Nicol have won women and men's masters divisions respectively for at least the last two years. Let's see if they can keep their streaks going!

Apr. 1, Tuesday, 6PM: Stage 1: Spotts Park

Apr. 8, Tuesday, 6PM: Stage 2: Shepherd Bridge (at Memorial)

Apr. 15, Tuesday, 6PM: Stage 3: White Oak Bayou (at Thelma)

Apr. 22, Tuesday, 6PM: Stage 4: Ho Chi Minh (Mem. Park Rugby Field)

Apr. 29, Tuesday, 6PM: Stage 5: Ho Chi Minh (Mem. Park Rugby Field)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When having a good time trumps getting a good time….

Paris, Adnan, K-Fed and Lindsay chill after the race

We had a blast this last Saturday running as a “centipede” in the Bayou City Classic 10K. Our theme was “Hollywood Divas Gone Bad: Running for (to/from) Rehab”. Our “segments” included Lara Allen as Lindsay Lohan, Donna Whitney as Paris Hilton, Kathi Mahon as Britney Spears, Jeff Tabourne as Brit’s paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, Eric Faria as a paparazzo, and Rosie Schmandt as a rehab health care professional. We all had our costumes and props (for example, Lindsay with her vodka bottle and Paris with her purse Chihuahua). However, new BCRR member Clayton Smith was the real crowd pleaser as Britney’s ex K-Fed, complete with wife-beater T-shirt, tattoos, and baby strapped to his chest. He looked so convincing that many people mistakenly thought he was running with an actual live baby!

Our run went smoothly in spite of a few stops for “costume readjustments”. Those of us with wigs had special challenges and some of the men wearing suit coats got a little hot towards the end of the race. We weren’t the fastest, but we weren’t the slowest either. There was no chance of catching the BARC Yodelers or the Tornado Wild Animals, so we made it our informal goal to beat the centipede of Cows-with-floppy-ears (which we later found out were supposed to be “Dalmatians”), but after K-Fed taunted the “Team on Steroids” for being slow, we HAD to finish before them!! As we approached the finish line, the Blues Brothers-like Band was singing the George Thorogood classic, “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”. How perfect – they were playing our song!!!

In the end, we won an award for “Best Hair”, but we know in our hearts that we were the best from heads to toe!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Saturday (1/26) 10 Mile Run

Since there's no RO Sunday run on 2/27 due to the Rockets Run, I am going to run 10 miles Saturday morning instead, leaving the MP tennis center at 8:00 and running counter-clockwise around the park, then down Allen Parkway to Sabine and back, for a round trip of just over 10 miles. Weather permitting, of course! The temps should be all-right, but who knows about the rain. There won't be any gatorade, but there are quite a few water fountains along the way.

All paces, styles, conversation topics, fashion emergencies, etc., are invited to join me. Breakfast afterwards at Mojo Risin around 10:30-11:00 ish (it's in the same building as Spaghetti Western).


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vacation Planner

After getting feedback the last few weeks, I have come up with a proposal for the following roadtrips for 2008 and beyond.

Next International Marathon- 2009

I was not able to get alot of interest in some of the more adventurous marathons. Berlin received the most interest as a group trip. Because we have had international marathons each of the last two years, the consensus was that it would be better to wait until 2009. I am really not sure whether it was the world class event or the fact that this was held during Octoberfest as the reason for the keen interest!!

Wild West Relay- August 1-2, 2008

We need to convince Michelle to run this. She was the only person who had reservations. The first third of this will be tough- see elevation map to the left, but then it's downhill. Can we get two teams? Once we are done, we can spend a few days in Steamboat Springs to escape the Houston heat. If this becomes a reality, all information will be updated on the blog. I'd like to hear your comments. Change of getting this organized as of 1-20-08: 25%- let's see if we can improve the odds!!
Other Trips-
In addition to standards like Beach-to-Bay in Corpus, a group of runners plan to make a trip to the Crescent City Classic 10K in New Orleans. The race will be held March 22 which is Easter weekend. Great course, great food and great post race party. For more details you can go to the website: or read my article in the May 2007 BCRR newsletter.
I personally plan to run the Hospital Hill Half Marathon in Kansas City June 7th. This is large and hilly half marathon- good practice for the Wild West relay!
As more possibilities come up, please use the blog to post ideas!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

10 miles 1/19 AM

Hi all,

April and I are meeting tomorrow (1/19) AM at 8 at Detering and Blossom, running to the park for a loop and then Sabine and back, for a total of 10-11 miles. We'll probably get to the tennis center at 8:20 ish. All are welcome to join us, and dress warmly.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

BCRR Marathoners in the Media: Part 2

BCRR was well represented in the media before, during, and after the marathon.

The Houston Chronicle

- Ray Boytim was highlighted in the Chronicle and was mentioned a bazillion times during the marathon live coverage on Channel 13. This was both his 30th consecutive Houston Marathon and his 200th marathon (at age 75)!! Quite an accomplishment!!

The Airways:

- Mike Mangan was interviewed for a full hour about the marathon and his quest for Boston on “The Danny Arnold Show” on KBME-790 AM “The Sports Animal” on Saturday January 5th. He will be featured again this Saturday the 19th (11AM) when he calls in his post-marathon report.

- Mark Fraser (together with Roger Boak) educated the masses about the Houston Marathon and marathon running in general during an hour long broadcast on KPFT on Friday the 11th. Thanks for the plugs for BCRR Mark!!!

Let’s Go to the Videotape
I recorded the live marathon coverage on Channel 13 to review later Sunday evening while I lay with ice packs on my legs and a glass of wine in hand.

The following people enjoyed a few milliseconds of their 15 minutes of fame:

-Allison Nadolski- seen in the opening Montage grimacing with pain/exhaustion (probably recorded last year)
-Joe Sellers- twice!! Seen from the back at the start of the race and later on White Oak Bayou
-Jake Tonge at White Oak Bayou
-Yours Truly(Kathi Mahon) at White Oak Bayou
-Dani Carbone-Sohn interview about why she is running- good job Dani, but you missed an opportunity to plug BCRR!!
-Eric Faria waving to the camera on Post Oak
-Bob Thompson interview.
-Linnie Reichle at finish

On the Recap show Sunday PM:
-Allison again
-Bruce Levy at the Beer stop. Looking Good!!
-Deborah Touchy at Finish running Yours Truly in.
-Kim Rose interview (as a spectator)

(Disclaimer: I was tired, horizontal, and drinking wine. I may have dozed off and missed someone. I apologize if I did. Please comment if I left someone out on this list or the one above.)

Kathi Mahon

BCRR Marathoners in the Media- Part 1

Several BCRR members were immortalized in photos on the Chronicle and Channel 13 web pages :
Mike Mangan and Bob Thompson making their way through the “Dead Zone” after Mile 20 . (M.Beltran-Chronicle)

Susan Scarrow (M. McGruff;

The always amazing Felix Lugo and his ever-present flag. Is that Rosie Schmandt on the left?
(M. McGruff;

David Harvey (M. McGruff;

Dennis Dwulet at the finish line (M. McGruff;