Thursday, June 12, 2008


BCRR and Harra are co- sponsoring the screening of a new documentary, Volcanic Sprint, on Saturday July 12. The film is about an annual marathon distance race up and down a volcano in Camaroon. You can view a trailer for Volcanic Sprint here.

The screening will be held at the Aurora Theater, 800 Aurora, Houston. Tickets are $10 online or $10 by cash or check at the door. There is a reception from 7-8 and the screening starts at 8PM. See website for additional information.

Check out ATHLINKS.COM is a very cool and useful website for runners who like to race. It is a comprehensive online race results database for running, triathalon, cycling, mountain biking, swimming and adventure racing. You don't have to join to search for results, but joining allows you to access some of the other features. The most important features are below:

  • Find and consolidate all your race results. You can do this quickly and with one search as opposed to slogging through the results of individual races on different websites. It's a great way to see and maintain all of your results in one place. You can even add races that are not online and consolidate results run under different aliases. This feature will be especially useful for BCRR members "Morry Copulare", "Homer Plate", "Inda Ozone", and "Chip Tyme".

  • Check out the results of friends and competitors. You can then plot the trajectory of their age-related decline against your own, etc... Or let's say a runner with a gender-neutral name like "Chris", "Pat", or "Tracy" beats you in a race and you suspect they are a man instead of a woman. You can check this out in seconds on

  • Network with other runners and groups.

We have a BCRR group already up and running. Check it out and join in at

K. Mahon