Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday in the Park with John...

John at the 25K Awards Ceremony (Photo: HMSA)

Last Sunday was one busy day in the spotlight for our John Phillips. After erecting the BCRR tent, brewing hot coffee (etc., etc.) and setting out the club porta-potties at the HMSA 25K , he masterfully emceed the event and awards ceremony. Shortly thereafter, while most of us were collapsed on one of the couches at Sue and Alan's, he appeared tailgating at Reliant Park before the Texans-Ravens game.

Watch and learn the secret of his success:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BCRR Top Gun a Tight Race

Rob Walter's performance in the HMSA 25K on Sunday inched him closer to Jay Hendrickson in the race for BCRR's male "Top Gun" award. The Top Gun award is given annually to the best age graded performance in a HARRA race. Both Rob and Jay won their respective age groups in Sunday's middle leg of the HARRA Marathon Warm-Up Series. Rob's time of 1:39:43 translates to an age graded percentage of 78.89 an improvement of 0.47% over his performance in the half marathon.

Jay's time of 1:47:03 was aged graded at 78.13%, but his performance in the half marathon of 1:28:30 came out at an aged graded percentage of 79.02. How close it that? If Rob had run the 25K just 11 seconds faster (or about 0.7 sec per mile), he would be slightly ahead of Jay.

Also, in case you are wondering, Anna Helm, who blistered the half marathon in 1:30:18 leads all BCRR women in the Top Gun competition with a rating of 76.61.

We have many more races to follow and it will be interesting to track the race between Jay and Rob through next spring.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Valhalla on "Best of Houston" List!!

Once again, Valhalla - our favorite club watering hole - has made the Houston Press "Best of Houston List". This year it is recognized as the "Best Place to Lie Around Drinking Beer".

Valhalla has previously been recognized as the "Best Bar for Kids" (2002) and the "Best Place to Meet Single Women" (2004) (reviewers must have been there on a Wednesday night).

Who could have guessed that Valhalla would be the optimal place for the discerning gentleman to lie around drinking with his kids while trying to meet single women?And we thought it was just a great place to hang out after running for cheap drinks!!