Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Final Selection Criteria for the "HARRA 500"

From Anna Helm (Member of HARRA Committee on Houston Marathon "HARRA 500" Qualifying Criteria):

Tonight (6-28-10) the HARRA Board voted to approve the plan to distribute guaranteed entries via the "HARRA 500". Expect an official announcement tomorrow from a HARRA email blast.

The criteria for choosing the "HARRA 500"..., are posted below and on the Houston Area Roadrunners Association Facebook page. We really appreciate the input of local runners and hope to continue to advocate for you. And... if you're a local runner who hasn't yet joined---it's time!! Check out "What is HARRA" and the Member benefits link to see all that HARRA can do for you and other runners.

Per request of the Chevron Houston Marathon (CHM), 450 slots will be distributed prior to the start of the lottery July 27th -August 12th. HARRA will post an application for these 450 spots on their website, HARRA.org, no later than July 6, 2010, and will accept applications until July 20th, 2010. If you have fewer than 5 Houston Marathon finishes, would like to run the 2011 CHM, and are a HARRA member, we encourage you to apply.

The committee developed a points system based on your suggestions, and will reward volunteerism, seniority, and participation.

HARRA members prior to June 13th, 2010, will be considered first, then members who joined afterward. The points system will be as follows:

*Volunteer during the 2009-2010 season for the CHM, AHM (Aramco Half marathon) or HARRA event-based on HARRA VVIP points system, max 24 pts. (automatic 24 for volunteering for 2010 CHM.AHM)

*HARRA member during the past 4 years- 5 points per year, max 20 pts.*CHM finishes, 2007-2010, 5 points per year, max 20 pts.

*Finishes in 2008-2009 Fall Series races, (USA 10-miler, Koala HHM, 25K, 30K) 4 points each, max 12 pts.

*Finishes in HARRA XC relay (2008-09) Bayou Bash relay 2009-2010, HARRA Spring Series races, 2009-2010, 2 points each, max 10 pts.

You need not have been a HARRA member when you completed these events. but those entries will be tabulated 2nd. In the event of a tie, the board will use total Houston Marathon Finishes (under 5, obviously) and timeliness of application submission.

The final 50 will be distributed in the same manner and in the same percentages as Runner of the Season Awards, calculated best 2 of 3 after the 25K. These runners will not have a previous HARRA 500 slot or lottery slot.

Please watch for further announcements and the beginning of the application process.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Draft Criteria for HARRA Houston Marathon Slots

HARRA President Ron Morgan has asked Helen Grant and Anna Sumrall Helm to join Roger Boak in a 3 person committee to propose a set of criteria HARRA can use to determine a priority for our 500 entries into the Chevron Houston Marathon, in 2011.

They have drafted a provisional set of criteria and welcome comments and suggestions (see below). You can comment on a post from Anna Helm on the HARRA facebook page :


or send her an email with your comments- gaslyte@yahoo.com

From Anna Helm:

Okay runners, here's our proposal for the criteria to earn a guaranteed entry to the 2011 CHM thus far. Please provide constructive feedback if you have suggestions. Silence will be heard as assent. :-)
Races and commitments which require more time and dedication will be given more value, TBD.
Credit will be given for:

  • Standing HARRA membership prior to June 13, 2010
  • Finishes in the Houston Marathon, 2007-2010
  • Finishes in the Warmup Series 30Ks, 2006-2009
  • Finishes in the Warmup Series 25Ks, 2006-2009
  • Finishes in the Warmup Series HHMs, 2006-2009
  • Finishes in the USA 10-milers, 2006-2009
  • Volunteering for HARRA events (PIM, CPS/AED, races, social events, JFK Run)
  • Coordinators day of event volunteers (and coaches)
  • Participation in relays and spring series events, as a runner or volunteer

Kathi Mahon

Message from Ron Morgan, Pres of HARRA


I have asked Helen Grant and Anna Sumrall Helm to join Roger Boak in a 3 person committee to propose a set of criteria HARRA can use to determine a priority for our 500 entries into the Chevron Houston Marathon, in 2011. It is likely that they will propose a system that rewards those who have participated in the past in our longer races. However, the statistics show that approximately half of the HARRA finishers the past two years are 5 year veterans (or more). We think, this means that all members wishing to run the marathon this year will have a slot. Everyone will be on notice of what that criteria is, so that they can plan accordingly for next year, to put themselves in the best possible position for a 2012 slot. The committee will report to the HARRA Board with their proposal by the end of June, and we will let everyone know how to apply for one of the 500 slots in early July. We intend to have all 500 slots awarded by the end of July so that if someone does not get a slot, they can still register through the CHM lottery system in early August. One requirement will be that the member has renewed for 2010-11. All memberships expire at the end of June so if you haven't renewed, or you know someone who hasn't please encourage them to do so now (they still get a $5 discount through the end of June). I want to encourage new members, and members who may not have run many or any of our championship races to apply for a slot, if they intend to run the CHM, and remind those with 5 or more Houston Marathon finishes, that they do not need one of our slots. They can check the CHM website for instructions on how to enter.

-- Ron Morgan,
President Houston Area Road Runners Association

Video of HARRA Board Meeting re Houston Marathon

Video from HARRA Meeting 5-14-10 with Brant Koch and Steve Karpas of the Houston Marathon.

This video is too long to upload directly on this blog. You can view on Facebook: