Thursday, July 8, 2010

BCRR Member Nancy Greig in the News!!

Nancy frightens children at museum

It's a Little Shop of
Horrors at the Houston Museum of Natural Science this week - all under the watchful eye of BCRR Member and Director of the Cockrell Butterfly Center, Nancy Greig.

The Rare "Corpse Flower" Amorphophallus titanum is slated to bloom in the next few days. This giant flower blooms infrequently and smells like rotting flesh (hence its name).

Nancy and her flower were featured in an article in the Houston Chronicle Thursday, July 8th. Read on for details. Too bad this blog doesn't have Smellivision...

A rare Amorphophallus titanum is ready to bloom at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
• Size: Up to 5 feet across.
• Smell: Like rotting flesh.
• Native: Of Sumatran rainforest.
• U.S. history: The first cultivated plant to bloom in the United States flowered at the New York Botanical Gardens in 1937.
• See it: At the museum's Cockrell Butterfly Center, 5555 Hermann Park Dr.
• Updates: