Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tornados join BCRR members for a fun Wendesday evening run !!!

Yesterday (10/22/08), some folks from Tornados running club joined us for a fun Wednesday evening run. It was great to see healthy camaraderie among both club members. As per Tornados reputation of being fast runners, they soon disappeared from the sight and were found early at Valhalla :)

A big thanks for Tornados club for putting a $100 tab at Valhalla. By the time everyone reached Valhalla it was raining heavily and everyone had to pack inside Valhalla. Few folks looked out from Valhalla and looked back with a big smile on their faces saying, "Ah, I can't go out in this rain. I have to drink another beer."
Soon, $100 were exhausted and Eddie was nowhere to be found for another $100 on tab.

Later in the evening, J. P. Frederickson and Steve showed some neat card tricks followed by few rounds of friendly poker game.

As usual I took some pictures which are here, :-)

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