Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Dreaded "Tweak"

Websters defines "tweak" as: "to pinch and pull with a sudden jerk and twist" and that is what I felt this morning in the back of my leg running strides at Eleanor Tinsley Park today around 6AM. I think the injury is minor and I hope to run a long run on Saturday after 72 hours of rest, but this does put me in a lousy mood.

And it started out great. I got up this morning to join the Will's Hills group at 5:30. Will scheduled one of his more intense workouts which included after an initial warm-up run, the following workout: 1) a half mile warm up run, 2) a hard one mile run, 3) a slow jog to Eleanor Tinsley Park, 4) 10 strides/sprints of approximately 100 meters, 5) 12 minutes of fairly steep hills, then 5) another hard one mile and a 6) cool down back to home base. Try it sometime, especially in the middle of August!

Today, however, was dark and damp and cold. After an initial sluggishness during the first mile, I started to feel pretty good. But it was during the eighth stride that I felt the dreaded tweak. Instead of trying to finish the work-out, I slowly jogged back to home base. Maybe I'm getting a little smarter in my old age!

Mentally, I am trying to figure out why this happened: was it the run late last night being too close to the morning workout? was it lack of a proper warm up on a cold morning? did I just come down wrong on a dark uneven surface while trying to sprint? Why does this have to happen when I've become happy with my running for the first time in months?

Also, mentally, I am thinking about when I can run again. I have had injuries that were alot worse. The pain is isolated and does not spread when I walk or go up and down stairs.

I'm optimistic that the recovery will be short, but for now the dreaded 'tweak' has ruined my day!!


  1. I doubt Merriam or Webster ever felt in their legs what you felt...else they would have expanded their definition.

    Hopefully, it's just a, mid-December/many months of marathon training/body complaining type of "tweak" and not something serious.

  2. That is why you do not do 100 meter sprints on a very cold morning the wednesday before a marathon. That is just plain stupid. What coach would give that workout?

  3. What in the world are you doing running a hard mile and 100 meter sprints in the dark on a very cold morning 4 days before your marathon?. Holy cow!!! Who ever is giving those workouts should needs to learn some common sense.

  4. To Anonymous, whoever you are, this workout was done 4 1/2 WEEKS before the marathon, NOT 4 DAYS before the marathon. The workout was very appropriate at that point in the training.