Wednesday, April 2, 2008

BCRR Rabies Awareness Run 2009

2009 Race Volunteer Duties. Due to the great success in help running the yearly Rockets Run the board of BCRR has proposed managing a new race for next year the “Inaugural Rabies Awareness Run”. This charity as featured on The Office will shine light on this particularly oppressive disease. The race will take place 1 week before the marathon and set for 35K. This distance longer than any of the warmup races would serve as the perfect fast paced long run before the marathon. New features that we’ll be doing include setting all mile markers at 4500 feet such that everyone will be on PR pace just like past Rockets Runs. We’ll have shortcuts, unguarded Metro rail crossings, beer and water stops. We’ll be saving on street closings by doing 6 loops around the Toyota Center and 6 loops around Minute Maid. The race will have limited registrations and capped at only 8000 chipped runners. The board feels it has found just the right charity in Rabies Awareness. No flimsy metals, painted rocks, sombreros for the winners instead we’ll be giving out Spec’s gift cards. All club volunteers will get t-shirts, unlimited donuts and coffee race day. We’ll have a drawing at the marathon for all volunteers that helped us for the race. The prize we’ll be a margarita machine donated by an anonymous donor. Remember the date January 2009 and lets put an end to rabies for good.

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  1. It's about time that someone stepped forward to combat this dreaded disease. I'm so proud that BCRR will be in the forefront in the fight against the spread of rabies. But shouldn't the Waugh Street underpass along Buffalo Bayou be included in the route?