Wednesday, April 2, 2008

BCRR Recovering Runners Group

BCRR Run-Al-Anon Fridays ongoing. Do you feel you have a running problem? Drinking problem? Addictions have taken over your life? Well, BCRR has a new group that can help. Do you have a strange need to arise early on Sunday mornings and go out and run before the sun comes up? Do you run loops around a track or up hills or parking garages or stadium steps for the fun of it? Can you go a day or a few days without running before you start feeling guilty for being a slacker? Do you have to run the Houston Marathon every year? Can you stop at a couple beers or glasses of wine at Valhalla? Do you have a tendency to run, drink, eat, binge or engage in these unhealthy lifestyles? Our newly formed group with the help of dedicated mental professionals and runners themselves are here to help you out. You are not alone. Our group will help you through these addictions and steer you on a path towards self discovery and enlightenment. Our professionals use a modified behavioral approach that has been profoundly helpful. Meetings take place after BCRR Happy Hours. Check the website for updates.

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