Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Maribelle's by the Bay 5K

PUT THE LIME IN THE COCONUT...BCRR Participants (lt-rt): Kathi Mahon, Katie Decker, Cathy McGlohn, Larry Cullen, Roger Redding, Mike Mangan, Tara Shipper, John Phillips, Clayton Smith, Mick Midkiff. Not pictured: Jake Tonge, Rosie Schmandt, Andrea Milborne, Hardeep Thind, Alfonso Torres. Photo: Rosie Schmandt

That's not Poseidon rising from the sea- it's just Big John cooling his jets in the Bay!! Photo: Katie Decker

What to do on the hottest weekend of the year? Run a 5K of course!! Bayou City Road Runners are made of tough stuff after all!! The Maribelle's on the Bay 5K in Seabrooke is an annual favorite excursion. We always know what to expect- heat and humidity for sure - but the course is right next to the water and there is always a breeze from the bay. The best part: the pizza, cold beer and camaraderie waiting at the end! Only thing missing: 5 year age groups (hint to organizers).

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  1. Great, I finally get by the water in Seabrook and miss the first run in the neighborhood! Thought it was on Aug 16th, oh well, now you know where Gina and I are hiding. We now run the trail down here.