Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marathon Weather History

It does look like we are going to have good weather for the marathon. This will be my tenth consecutive marathon and we have had a variety of weather. I did some research on a website called Weather Underground which records temperature, humidity, and other weather data from several points inside the loop of Houston. The table above shows the temperature, dew point, humidity, and wind and wind speed approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours after the start of the marathon. I think you can see the temperatures are fairly consistent, usually between 50-55°F, but there have been some fairly warm days as well. I will never forget the death march of 2000 and upon looking at the conditions in 2006, I now understand why I ended up walking some of the course with Allison Nadolski (now Abbott).


  1. Wrapping up 2009, the conditions at the start were 56° temperature and 97% humidity. By 10AM, the temperature rose to 62°, but the humidity dropped to 49%. This was 3rd or 4th warmest conditions in the last ten years.

  2. For the record, Hobby Airport had:
    10:53 N 9 Partly Cloudy 67 dewpoint 36
    09:53 N 9 Partly Cloudy 63 dewpoint 40
    08:53 N 9 A Few Clouds 60 depoint 48
    07:53 W 5 Fair 57 dewpoint 53
    06:53 NW10G18 Partly Cloudy 59 dewpoint 53