Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why I missed the Park to Park 5 miler ...

Plane Ticket: $294, Bed and Breakfast: $150/night, Running trails in Sedona, AZ at daybreak: Priceless

K. Mahon


  1. Although the feeling may not be mutual judging by the huge s*#t eating grin on your face, we missed you just the same. ;-))

  2. I, too, missed the Park to Park 5 miler. I would liked to have run it, but I had a similar experience to Kathi's as former BCRR members, Julie and Casey McDonough planned a weekend getaway ski trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. So while the rest of the club was running races this past weekend, I was skiing through the trees with near ideal conditions of blue sunny skies and light powder.

    I don't know if the activity helped or impeded my running, but it is always nice to get away and spend some time with some old friend.