Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yoga for Runners

Recommendation from Linnie Reichle:

...wanted to let you know about a class I took Saturday, it was Yoga, but we concentrated on stretches for runners. It was great, you might want to post this info for some of the other runners in the club. It is on Saturdays @ TRI ON THE RUN @ 10 am. It is only $10.00 a class and Nicole took us through some great stretches. This Saturday the co-owner of Yoga One will be there to work on back stretches and some more running stretches.



  1. Thanks Linnie:
    Several BCRR runners also practice Hot Yoga which also promotes flexibility. I go to a place called Your Body Center located at I-10 and Heights Blvd. One of the instructors is a member of BCRR, Donald Card

  2. Thanks, Linnie. In addition to the Saturday classes at Tri On the Run, YogaOne has hot yoga and is hosting a special 2-hour Yoga for Runners, Cyclists and Triathletes on July 25. Check it out at I'm a yoga/multisport addict myself. :)!