Friday, July 29, 2011

Mark Fraser Honored by Will's Hills


As many of you know, Mark Fraser did not shrink from rigorous training. (The guy did 100 mile races including the Leadville Trail 100 after all.) The only thing he liked better was making others suffer with him. He was a "regular" at "Will's Hills", an early morning training program run by Will Henderson. He designed a particularly heinous hill-laden workout so distinctive that it was named after him.

This morning, bright and early at Spott's Park, "The Mark Fraser Workout" was run by Will's Hills in honor of its namesake. A huge number of runners from BCRR and the Houston running community participated to pay homage to Mark. (I'm sure his memory is lingering all afternoon in the form of burning thighs and twitching calves ;-)

I'm sure Mark is smiling about this!

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