Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Call to Arms (or Show Me the Way to the Boat Shed)


Our resident “do everything guy” John Phillips recently underwent surgery to repair some torn ligaments in his left shoulder, putting him in the “one armed man” category and on the disabled list until the end of the HARRA Spring Series. This leaves BCRR with an unusual problem, and the opportunity for us to help John out.

Big John at the Boatshed 
We are a very lucky club.  The day before every HARRA race, John goes to the Boat Shed (usually alone) where he loads our big purple tent, porta-potties, tables, chairs, carpet, banners, flags, and any other BCRR accessories onto his trailer for the next day’s race.  On race day, he usually arrives 2.5-3 hours in advance of the race start time to set up everything up for us in a premium post-race party location, so that we arrive to a fully assembled BCRR command center.  Then at the end of the race, he returns everything to the Boat Shed until next time.  It’s a lot of work, and although he never complains, John always appreciates help with this chore.  Now our help is absolutely needed.   He can’t do it alone.  Since all of the spring series races fall on a Saturday, we need volunteers that can go to the Boat Shed with John on Fridays, prior to a race, to load the trailer, we need early assistance on Saturdays for tent set up, and then post-race volunteers to tear down and return our stuff to the Boat Shed.  We’ve had great help from several of our usual volunteers thus far, but if you’ve never volunteered for this job before, here is your chance.  Consider it your entry to a secret society…people who have actually been to the Boat Shed.

The remaining HARRA spring races are:
  • ·      March 23, 2013  Law Week 8K Run
  • ·      April 13, 2013 Bellaire Trolley Run 5K
  • ·      April 17, 2013 LP Run (no help needed for set up for this race)
  • ·      April 27, 2013 Bayou Bash Relay (and usually HARRA picnic)

We shouldn’t need more than 2-3 volunteers (burly guys especially welcome) each trip to the Boat Shed.   (No additional help is required for the LP run as we usually just bring our BCRR banner).

Where is the Boat Shed?  It is on the southeast corner of the 610 loop, and if you’ve ever run the Texas Independence Relay, you’ve run through nearby neighborhoods. 

Contact Rosie or John for the exact physical coordinates, or you can make arrangements to meet John and follow him down.  The first trip is always a little confusing.  The neighborhood is industrial and not particularly picturesque, so this may be the best option.  It’s a worthwhile experience and is a real eye opener to what goes on before and after every race we run, and why John Phillips is such a valued member of BCRR.  Thanks in advance for volunteering!

Let's Help John Out!!  

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