Monday, April 22, 2013

HARRA 500 - Guaranteed Houston Marathon Registration Now Accepting Applications

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN....The Chevron Houston Marathon is a popular event with more runners wanting to run than the course can support. For the 2014 event, there are five options available for an early (guaranteed) registration. In addition to the HARRA 500 program, there are options for veteran runners, time qualifiers, deferred registrants and third time's a charm runners. You should review the details at the Marathon Registration web site.

Runners who do not qualify for early registration are entered into a lottery for the remaining registrations. The HARRA 500 program provides HARRA members entrance to early registration (e.g. bypass the lottery) for the full marathon if they do not otherwise qualify. To get started with the HARRA 500 program, click on On-line application to the HARRA 500 registration link.

There is no cost to apply for a HARRA member. If you are not a HARRA member, you can join HARRA now and are eligible for the HARRA 500. In recent years we have been able to accommodate all valid on time applications. Note that the marathon’s lottery starts on June 6th – after the HARRA 500 program awards registrations. So, if you apply for HARRA 500 and are not selected you can still apply for the lottery.

The HARRA 500 program is open for registration until May 5. Runners whose applications show superior qualifications based on volunteering, running and length membership will be accepted into the program on an on-going basis and notified by email. The remaining applications will then be evaluated with final awards made on or before May 6. In case demand exceeds supply, applicants who have not been admitted into the program will also be notified at that time and may wish to enter the lottery program starting June 5th. Approved applicants for the HARRA 500 program will be given a registration code that is valid until midnight May 30. You must register at the Marathon web site before the expiration date.

You can get more information on the HARRA 500 program here, or if you are a Qualified Runner, go here to register.

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