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BCRR This Week, July 15 through 22, 2013


Thanks to Sam Pace and Scott Bounds for picking up the beer tab at Valhalla on Wednesday.

BCRR Birthdays This Week: Jennifer Brown (July 16), Michael Wilson* (July 16), Rick Muhleman (July 17), Marlon Sanchez (July 18), Joshua Atkins* (July 19) and Tricia Hernandez* (July 20).  * = New Age Group

Have a very happy birthday!!

This Sunday, July 21, 2013 The Houston Masters Sports Association has invited BCRR members to join them at their HMSA’s Annual Picnic Breakfast at 7:00 am on the south side of Memorial Park (where the Run For A Reason Party was held.)

  • 7:00 am,  A short predict your time running event where the person who come closest to running their predicted time wins.
  • 8:00 am,  They will be serving a hearty breakfast of blueberry pancakes, breakfast tacos, fruit, yogurt plus anything else you would like to contribute. 
  • 9:00 am,  A predict your time running event and Ugly/Pretty Foot Contest.  Time to expose your pretty or ugly feet to the judges' eyes.


For those of you who have not yet renewed your BCRR membership for next year (2013-2014) your membership for last year expired on June 30th.
So please renew if you have not done so already.  If you do not renew by August 1st you will no longer receive this weekly email.   Renewing is easy and can be done online.  Just visit our website and click on the Join The Club tab (which is the same as renewing).

When you renew your BCRR membership don't forget to also join HARRA so the club can claim your points at the HARRA fall and spring races and continue to be the number one running club in Houston.

HARRA Memberships also expired at the end of June so it's time to renew! Your membership gets you discounts for many races and discounts for shoes and clothes at local merchants. To renew, go the HARRA web site and on the home page, login (look on the middle of the right side for the Member Login link). Then:
Click on "MyInfo" and then "Change Membership Plan"
Click on "Continue"
Under Membership Options - Select either
Individual Membership
Family Membership

Wills Hills is running the Mark Fraser Memorial Run on Friday, July 26th at 5:30am at Spotts Park.

Happy Hour (July 19, 2013, 6:30PM): Join us for happy hour at Moon Tower Inn, 3004 Canal Street (832) 969-1934,

HARRA and affiliated running clubs have been challenged to a kickball game against the Houston Hash House Harriers (H4).  Please see the message below:

Please consider this note an official challenge to a game of kickball against the Houston Hash House Harriers (H4). Said game will be a charity event for our mutual member, Eddie Rodriguez (aka Hasher "Ho Cheez Man") who was severely injured in a car accident this past April. All participants and spectators will be encouraged to give generously (recommended $5, $10, or more). Oh, there is one condition, H4 has already committed to bring a keg of St Arnold's to entice our members to
show up in force. We would expect HARRA to make a similar contribution
< hint, hint, a second keg, hint, hint>. (Webmaster's Note: HARRA has agreed to provide an additional keg of beer)

To make it a fair event, I recommend Bob Schamus and Val Ochoa to be the umpires as they are members in good standing with both clubs and are likely to be impartial. Official Co-ed Kickball rules would apply (no head shots, no strike outs, minimum # ladies on field etc.) We can agree on those
exact terms later.

Event to be scheduled for Friday August 9th, at 6:30pm in Memorial Park.

Do you accept this challenge? If so, please have your Team Captain email me directly and we can discuss further specifics.

D Watson (aka "McPisser")
Team Captain - H4

PS There is already a plan in place for event shirts. I should have the design ready by the end of the month for pre-orders.

Want to know about local races, training runs and BCRR events? Just go to (


Running Calendar:  (All official HARRA Fall Race Series shown in purple)


Wednesday at Rice University: Every Wednesday evening we meet at 5:45 at Rice University (run leaves at 6 pm sharp!). All levels are welcome. And the best part is the cheap beer at Valhalla afterwards. Parking is available at First Christian Church/School (1628 Rice Boulevard).

Friday Hills at Mount Bacon (Tanglewood): Join us for this weekly run from St. Martins Episcopal Church, 717 Sage Road to Mount Bacon. We meet in the church parking lot at the corner of Sage Road and Woodway Drive at 5:30 am. We have a 1.3 mile warm-up run to Mount Bacon and do 2 to 4 miles of hills with a 1.3 mile run back to the church.

Sunday Long Run (Memorial Park, 6:30 AM): Join us for the weekly long run from Memorial Park zero-mile marker. We leave promptly at 6:30 and members typically run between 10 and 15 miles.   Afterwards stop by for coffee at Starbucks on Memorial Drive near the park.

REPORT YOUR RACE RESULTS: We want to know what our members are doing on the roads and/or trails. Send all your results to us at ( before the 20th day of the month and we’ll make sure they hit the next newsletter.


WORD FROM THE BIRD wants to hear from you. Feel free to contribute with any interesting running material you want to see in the newsletter. The bird is always on the lookout for entertaining run/race reports, how-to/technical articles, editorials, and photos. Just submit your story to ( The Deadline for consideration to the next newsletter is always the 20th day of the month.

Want to know about local races, training runs and BCRR events? Just go to (

Your BCRR Board!!!


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