Monday, December 29, 2014

BCRR This Week December 29th-January 4th


*I lost my mom's diamond earring  Saturday at John's Long Run. I think it fell out just as I came back to John's and was finishing the run. If anyone happened upon it please email me and let me know. I would sincerely appreciate it. -Heidi 
BCRR Birthdays: Happy birthday to Heather Hofstetter (December 29th), and Anna Sumrall Helm (December 30th), and Vicki Jones (January 2nd). 

* = New Age Group

Happy Hour:  (January 2, 2015) Join us this Friday at Stag's Head Pub, 2128 Portsmouth, Houston, TX 77098 at 6:30 p.m. 
John's Loooong Run: A special thanks to John Phillips for hosting our last long run before Houston. Thank you to everyone who rallied together to prepare a delicious post run feast for everyone who participated!
Save the Date for the PRE-MARATHON CARB LOADING DINNER:  Get your carb load on on Thursday, January 15th at The Spaghetti Western at 5:30 p.m. Dinner is $15. RSVP to Sam McMurtry at to reserve your spot. 
Please note that space is limited!
18th   Chevron Houston Marathon, George R. Brown Convention Center, (HARRA Fall Series Race)

BCRR To Raffle Free HARRA Spring Series Entries to Fall Series Runners

BCRR has a new page in its "Operation Beat BARC" playbook, designed to thank our HARRA Series Runners and encourage future HARRA Series participation...a raffle of free entries to HARRA Series races!

Following the Houston Marathon, the last race in the HARRA Fall Series, BCRR will raffle off a free entry to each of the Spring Series races. All BCRR members who ran at least one Fall Series race will be eligible to enter the raffle. AND, the more Fall Series races you ran, the greater your chance of winning a free race entry, because your name will be entered into the raffle for each Fall Series race you ran.


Run (HARRA Series races)!! And then run some more! And then after your race, jog, recovery run, stride, mosey, or hobble over to your computer, ipad, Android phone, or electronic communication do-hickey of choice and e-mail your name and the Fall Series races you ran (relays count) to Shelley Grahmann ( with the subject line "BCRR Raffle". Runners can send e-mails after each race or wait until after the conclusion of the Houston marathon to e-mail their entries. The deadline to e-mail entries is January 31, 2015 for the first raffle. BCRR will circulate a spreadsheet of races submitted/raffle entries and will also cross-check the entries against HARRA's data. Raffle winners will be notified by BCRR with information on how to claim their free entries. Then, we'll repeat the whole shebang after the Spring Series, with a raffle of Fall Series entries.

Stay tuned to the weekly BCRR e-mail for more details and reminders on the raffle submission deadline, and keep running!


Mellow Monday- Join us every Monday for a 3 mile recovery run around Memorial Park at 7:00p.m.Runners who are interested should park on the east side of the parking lot in front of the softball fields off of the Picnic Loop. The goal is to increase membership and recruit new members with this new social event. Following a loop around Memorial, we head to a dinner venue for post running fun. **Please note that in cases of inclement weather, i.e. thunder & lightning, Mellow Monday will be cancelled for safety reasons. 
Wednesday at Rice University: Every Wednesday evening we meet at 5:45 at Rice University (run leaves at 6 pm sharp!). All levels are welcome. And the best part is the cheap beer at Valhalla afterwards. Parking is available at First Christian Church/School (1628 Rice Boulevard).

Friday Hills at Mount Bacon (Tanglewood):Join us for this weekly run from St. Martins Episcopal Church, 
717 Sage Road to Mount Bacon. We meet in the church parking lot at the corner of Sage Road and Woodway Drive at 5:30 am. We have a 1.3 mile warm-up run to Mount Bacon and do 2 to 4 miles of hills with a 1.3 mile run back to the church.

Sunday Long Run (Memorial Park, 6:30 AM): Meet us at the O mile marker for a 10, 11, or 12 mile route around Memorial Park and through River Oaks. Immediately following the run, join us at Starbucks (Uptown Park and Post Oak Blvd) for coffee and conversation. 
We want to know what our members are doing on the roads and/or trails. Send all your results to us at ( <http://mc/compose?>  before the 20th day of the month and we’ll make sure they hit the next newsletter.

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Feel free to contribute with any interesting running material you want to see in the newsletter.  The bird is always on the lookout for entertaining run/race reports, how-to/technical articles, editorials, and photos. Just submit your story to>  or <>.  The Deadline for consideration to the next newsletter is always the 10th day of the month.


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