Friday, June 12, 2020

BCRR Trivia Happy Hour! 061220

Join us for a virtual TRIVIA Happy Hour on Friday @6PM
Hosted By: Frank Dougherty

Meeting ID in member's email.

Frank Dougherty will present BCRR with 4 rousing rounds of questions geared ages 2-82!! Review the RULES HERE
Trivia questions will be answered using the Google Docs Sheet and answers submitted to after each round. 

Let’s see which BCRR family has the greatest TRIVIA knowledge!! 

VIRTUAL Bayou Bash Relay - June 22nd to 28th
Due to the social distancing restrictions for COVID-19, the traditional Bayou Bash Relay & HARRA Family Picnic have been canceled. HOWEVER - the VIRTUAL Bayou Bash Relay will be held June 22nd to 28th. This will be a FREE event courtesy of Bayou City Road Runners. The format of 4 person by 2 miles will remain the same. However, each leg can be run solo and the team captains will compile each runner’s activity for a total team time. Teams will submit a photo/screenshot proof of each relay leg by Strava event or Garmin GPS that must include distance and total time. Families are also encouraged to form their own teams and participate! 

Entries will be submitted on the Bayou Bash Relay Website 

Age Group Captains have begun organizing teams! Let us know if you would like to participate and haven’t received an email!

Age Group Captains:

All Women: Christina Jones -
Men 0-59: Andrew Young -
Men 60+: Mike Mangan -

Stay safe and healthy!
~ BCRR Board