Monday, July 20, 2020

BCRR WEEKLY UPDATE - July 20th to July 26th

Boston Bound - Virtual Club Challenge
The Houston Striders are hosting a virtual running event, challenging running clubs in Houston to collectively cover the distance from Houston to Boston – 1,842 miles.  The details for participating are listed on the Facebook Event.  Use the team name “BAYOU CITY ROAD RUNNERS” (spelled out) to be included in our count!  Running and walking are both allowed!!

As of 2PM yesterday, only 9 runners/walkers have input mileage under the BAYOU CITY ROAD RUNNERS team name, totaling just under 360 miles, leaving over 1,482 mile to go.  Three teams are already over 1,300 miles.  We know you are out there running and walking, please get online and input your mileage, it’s not that difficult.  While you can input prior days mileage, the Striders have stated that all miles must be input by 11:59 pm this Friday night (July 24).  The full time period for the challenge is July 10-24.
BCRR Virtual Happy Hour on Hiatus

Virtual BCRR Happy Hours are taking a hiatus for the next couple weeks. Stay tuned for future club virtual events. 

BCRR Club Activities
For your safety and the safety of those around you, all inperson club runs and social events are canceled. For any questions, please contact the BCRR Board. 
BCRR 2020-2021 Membership Renewal
Membership Renewal for the 2020-2021 season is now open. A grace period will be extended until normal club activities have resumed. 

Renew ONLINE or via MAIL

  • BCRR Single Membership - $30
  • BCRR Family Membership - $35
**$5 Discount for HARRA Members**
New Members:

We would like to give a giant welcome to the newest members of BCRR! We look forward to seeing y’all when club activities resume!

BCRR Birthdays:  
Happy Birthday to:
  • Avi Moss & Rob Walters - July 23rd
  • Chaya Katzoff - July 24th
Hope you have a spectacular day!!!

All social events are canceled at this time. 

All organized weekly runs are canceled at this time. 

~BCRR Board