Tuesday, September 1, 2020




September Newsletter:

Click HERE to read the latest on BCRR’s return to running plans, new run details, and  informative articles by a few of the club’s favorite members!  


Labor Day World Record “5K”

September 4th to 7th

The 5K World Record was recently broken by Joshua Cheptegei with a finishing time of 12 minutes and 36 seconds at the Monaco Run 5K. Now it’s time for BCRR’s own world record attempt! For the Labor Day World Record “5K” each participant must run for 12 minutes and 36 seconds on a track or using a GPS tracker to determine the distance. The winner of the virtual event will be determined by the participant who ran the farthest distance in the allotted time. If anyone submits a distance over 5 km we’ll call Guinness. Entries should be submitted via the data form below. Good luck and Godspeed!!!

How to participate: 

  1. Run for precisely 12 minutes 36 seconds.

  2. Record with GPS tracker or run on a track with a stop watch.

  3. Upload your results HERE!

Awards will be presented to:

  • Overall Top Male & Female

  • Overall Masters Male & Female


Welcome Back BCRR!!!!!

BCRR Club Runs officially resume September 1st! Please note the changes in location and time for the weekly runs. Looking forward to seeing y’all running!

Wednesday Runs:

Location: First Christian Church 

Time: **6:30PM**

Details: No water will be provided following the run. Please be mindful of maintaining social distancing prior to and following club runs. We will not be permitted to utilize the restrooms within the church at this time. 

Sunday Runs:

Location: **Memorial Park Running Center**

Time: 6:30AM

Details: Individual water bottles will be placed in the 2 traditional locations - Shell Gas Station & Rose Garden. Please consider carrying your own hydration. We will now start at the Memorial Park Running Trails Center. There is a new suggested route to avoid the crowded Memorial Drive sidewalk and loop of Memorial Park. See map below and on the website.


-BCRR Board