Monday, January 18, 2021

BCRR WEEKLY UPDATE - January 18th to January 24th



BCRR Supported -  

2021 Chevron Houston Marathon & Aramco Half Marathon

THANK YOU!!! To all who participated and volunteered in the BCRR Supported Half/Full Marathon! Congrats to all BCRR members who completed a virtual 13,1 or 26.2!! Thankfully it was a beautiful weather weekend! 



Houston Black Historical Landmark Challenge

This year HARRA has launched an initiative dedicated to supporting a diverse community of runners.  All Paces, All Races, Better Together embraces all runners to reflect and represent our community as a whole. We have chosen 15 black historical landmarks in Houston to honor Dr. King’s birthday.  In an effort to be more inclusive and diverse, as we are #bettertogether, we have created this landmark challenge as a way to raise awareness of these great landmarks that many of us may pass every day.  

Challenge Rules & Details can be found HERE. 


New Members:


We would like to give a giant welcome to the newest members of BCRR! We look forward to seeing you when club activities resume!



BCRR Birthdays:  

Happy Birthday to:

  • Beverly Handy - January 21st

  • Daniel Kenworthy & Madeline Schulz - January 23rd


Hope you have a spectacular day!!!




All social events are canceled at this time. 




Please note that times and locations have changed. 

Mellow Monday Run:

Location: Memorial Park Tennis Center

Time: **6:30PM**

Details: Join us every Monday for a 3 mile casual paced run around Memorial Park. 

Wednesday Run:

Location: First Christian Church 

Time: **6:30PM**

Details: No water will be provided following the run. Please be mindful of maintaining social distancing prior to and following club runs. We will not be permitted to utilize the restrooms within the church at this time. 

Friday Speedwork:

Location: Memorial Park Tennis Center

Time: 5:30AM

Details: Contact Peter Griffiths for more information-

Sunday Long Run:

Location: Memorial Park Tennis Center

Time: 6:30AM

Details: Individual water bottles will be placed in the 2 traditional locations - Shell Gas Station & Rose Garden. Please consider carrying your own hydration. 

**Please note that in cases of inclement weather, i.e. thunder & lightning, group runs will be cancelled for safety reasons. Check the BCRR Facebook Page for the latest updates on run cancellations**

If you are feeling ill, have a fever, or have been exposed to an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19, please do not attend club runs for 2 weeks. 


~BCRR Board