Monday, March 22, 2021

BCRR WEEKLY UPDATE - March 22nd to March 28th



*Rescheduled* BCRR Spring Picnic

Thanks to all who joined the Spring Picnic! Stay tuned for our next outdoor social event! 


Sunday NEEDS Hydration!

Who likes water during the Sunday long runs? Especially in the summer! Our Sunday morning hydration team could use a little more help as people go on vacation. Please contact Loris - for more information on how to volunteer!


BCRR Work Day for Dan & Sheila

As most of  you know, Dan Haworth and his wife Sheila Katz are currently navigating life following Dan’s diagnosis of ALS. They could use a few helping hands to complete some handy work around the house. On Sunday, April 11th @ 1PM, BCRR members are invited to meet at their house to complete (mostly outdoor) tasks. Masks are REQUIRED, and BCRR will provide beer to any volunteer who successfully completes a task.


2021-2022 BCRR Board Elections


Dear BCRR,

The end of the current BCRR Board term is drawing near. We will hold a virtual election in May to elect a new board. This is my 3rd and final year as President. As such, there are several Board openings:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Member at Large

Please reach out if you are interested in running for one of the vacant offices. The continuation of this club depends on members who are willing to fulfill these leadership positions. Information regarding the club and officer positions can be found in the BCRR Bylaws

It has been 3 years full of fun and adventures leading the club, and I look forward to what is ahead for the next 3 years and beyond!!

~Christina Young


HARRA Spring Series



New Members:


We would like to give a giant welcome to the newest members of BCRR! We look forward to seeing you when club activities resume!



BCRR Birthdays:  

Happy Birthday to:

  • Susan Elias - March 22nd

  • Tom Radosevich - March 24th

  • Andrew Littlefield - March 25th

  • Alonso Vargas - March 26th


Hope you have a spectacular day!!!




All social events are canceled at this time. 




Please note that times and locations have changed. 

Mellow Monday Run:

Location: Memorial Park Tennis Center

Time: **6:30PM**

Details: Join us every Monday for a 3 mile casual paced run around Memorial Park. 

Wednesday Run:

Location: First Christian Church 

Time: **6:30PM**

Details: No water will be provided following the run. Please be mindful of maintaining social distancing prior to and following club runs. We will not be permitted to utilize the restrooms within the church at this time. 

Friday Speedwork:

Location: Memorial Park Tennis Center

Time: 5:30AM

Details: Contact Peter Griffiths for more information-

Sunday Long Run:

Location: Memorial Park Tennis Center

Time: 6:30AM

Details: Individual water bottles will be placed in the 2 traditional locations - Shell Gas Station & Rose Garden. Please consider carrying your own hydration. 

**Please note that in cases of inclement weather, i.e. thunder & lightning, group runs will be cancelled for safety reasons. Check the BCRR Facebook Page for the latest updates on run cancellations**

If you are feeling ill, have a fever, or have been exposed to an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19, please do not attend club runs for 2 weeks. 


~BCRR Board