Friday, September 28, 2007

Cross Country Relay Race Results

HARRA CROSS COUNTRY RELAY RESULTS Saturday, September 22, 2007 5:00 P.M. 4 X 2 Mile RelayBuffalo Bayou Park

We had terrific club participation for the first HARRA race of the season!! BCRR fielded 20 teams (out of 115 total). As usual, the course was challenging (but thankfully only 2 miles) and the Tornados put on a great post race party. Thanks to everyone who came out to run and thanks to the Team Captains for organizing the teams! BCRR Cross-Country Relay Teams

“BCRR Runners“ 9th 1:07:04 Sheila Ramamurthy, Brenda Gonzalez, Tom Wille, Neeraj Rohilla
“Bayou City Bombshells” 5th 1:01:20Carolyn Muirhead, Jennifer Sabin, Sarah Bingham, Isabel Hernandez
“Equal Opportunity Runners” 10th 1:14:47Lara Allen, Lori Lyerly, Laurie Ropel, Elizabeth Burgers
“We ROSE to the Occasion” 14th 1:22:28Daniela Carbone, Katie Senesac, Sarah Midkiff, Karen Alejandra
MASTER FEMALE (all 40 and over):
“Bayou City Carboholics” 5th 1:00:28Anna Sumrall Helm, Pam Rea, Marla Burum, Diana Unrah
“BCRR Rocks” 6th 1:09:20Lana Moody, April Murphy, Sue Leone, Nancy Greig
“BCRR Mixed Madames” 8th 1:17:36Marie Kaetner, Michelle Wolpert, Rosie Schmandt, Donna Whitney
“The Lazy 4” 9th 1:18:09Marilyn Blythe, Lori Laxen-Brown, Jill Zively, Mary Ntefidou
SENIOR WOMEN (all 50 and over):
"The Estrogen Dominatrices" 3rd 1:12:13Ivy Martino, Lorna Mangus, Ellen Pannell, Kathi Mahon
“Bayou City Tri-Babes” 5th 1:17:07Linnie Reichle, Gail Stewart, June Harris, Jill DeVay
"Warped Speed Sisters" 8th 1:32:15Katherine Vidal, Hope Sellers, Janet Sutton, MJ Savino
“Bayou Storm” 9th 0:50:21Simon Brabo, Tom Stilwell, Raymond Verm, Matt Nicol
MASTER MALE (all 40 and over):
“Masters of Disaster” 5th 0:52:26Bob Brown, Stuart Muirhead, Scott Wonderly, Eric Stotzer
“4-Players” 11th 1:04:44Eddie Rodriguez, Tim McGuirk, Patrick Flaherty, Tom Helm
“Shake-it-don’t-break-it” 12th 1:06:02John Holmes, Bill Hayes, Jay Byers, Robert Mayer
“ValHooligans” 13th 1:06:09Jeff Tabourne, Chris Harris, Jesus Flores, Danny Sohn
SENIOR MALE (all 50 and over):
Bayou City Hard Chargers 3rd 0:55:47Richard Verm, Tom Radosevich, Bruce Mansur, Mark Fraser “We’re Bringing Sexy Back” 8th 1:06:14Mike Grimes, Wim Burgers, John Phillips, Bill Vogt
VETERAN MALE (all 60 and over):
“We’re Doing the Best We Can” 4th 1:09:09Mike Mangan, Fred Steves, Chris Buchanon, Doug Carlyle
“We’ve Done It All Before” 5th 1:16:31JP Fredrickson, Doug Aitken, Tom Bjorklund, Tom McCay

Lara Allen Open females
Susan Cita Masters Females
Kathi Mahon Senior Females (50 +)
Simon Brabo Open Males
Eric Faria Masters Males
Scott Bounds Senior Males (50 +)
Mike Mangan Veteran Males (60 +)
Kathi Mahon Team Coordinator

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