Sunday, September 30, 2007

Welcome Autumn!

In Houston, summers can be brutal. Any 3-5 mile run usually results in complete saturation and exhaustion. Start early when it's cooler and the humidity is at its highest. Run later in the day and get full exposure to the sun and heat. It all seems worthwhile when you finally get to run on a day like Saturday morning, Sept. 29th.

I run with the Kenyan Way ( which is one of the great organized marathon training workouts we have in Houston. Part of our workout was to run eight miles at marathon pace. When you consider that over the last six weeks, we were all struggling to run at 30-60 seconds per mile SLOWER than marathon pace, this workout had all the makings of a classic death march!.

However, we got an assist from Mother Nature. The dew point temperature was 64°F and the run was great! Everyone I talked to has an energizing run. Most people had a hard time running at marathon pace, because it was TOO SLOW. The last three miles of the run were fast and comfortable and some of the most enjoyable miles I have run since last spring.

Welcome to Houston, Autumn!


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