Monday, October 1, 2007

BCRR Records Keeper?

I received this interesting reply this morning from long time member Wes Montieth after I sent out the weekly email.

So Eddie, since you will not apologize for breaking records, who has a list of the current record holders in our club for the fastest race, male and female, in all of our HARRA series races? Do we have an official/unoffical statistician for this?,(Mark Fraser?). Just curious as to how the new crowd is doing.

Does anyone know the answer to this? It seems like we have enough people that are interested in other runners times to know who's run the fastest HARRA races! If not, does anyone wish to volunteer and do research for this?


  1. I think Don Brennan is the best person to provide an answer to the fastest times by BCRR/HARRA runners.

  2. Don probably has stats on BCRR/HARRA members, but BCRR members who don't belong to HARRA might not be accounted for.

  3. Well if they don't belong to HARRA, then they didn't count for the purple point machine!