Friday, October 26, 2007

Dublin Marathon

Well Folks,

Today we are embarking on our trip to Ireland for the Dublin Marathon, the official BCRR International Marathon for this year. We are a small but intrepid group, consisting of Mark and Irma Conran and yours truly. My brother Mike will be joining us in Dublin as well. Mike is not a runner, but we will see what we can do about that...

Of course we are looking forward to the race, but we all have other reasons for coming since we have family ties here. Mark is actually from Ireland and I have numerous aunts, uncles and cousins as my father came from Ireland as well.

I hope to be able to send a couple of updates and perhaps a few pictures from the road. I don't expect it will be as riveting a read as Bob's updates from the Lake Tahoe Relay, but I will do my best without actually stretching the truth. Of course, if something really interesting happens, it will probably be something we wouldn't want to post for all to see:)


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  1. Have a great trip and keep us updated as much as possible. We'll find a good Irish beer (oxymoron?) to toast you for a sucessful trip and safe return tonight at The Red Lion.