Friday, March 28, 2008

Tour de Bayou Series Begins

Matt Nicol gets Lei'ed on the Ho Chi Minh Trail (photo: TRex)

The Tour de Bayou Series of cross country races begins on April 1st. This HARRA sponsored series is organized by Roger Boak ( and consists of 5 races held on consecutive Tuesdays in April. The distances vary between 5 and 8K. Open and Master (age-graded) winners receive a lei and are determined for each stage as well as for cumulative stages. The races are absolutely free- all you have to do is show up and promise to "be careful".

If you haven't raced these before, they are very low key and a lot of fun! BCRR members Anna Sumrall Helm and Matt Nicol have won women and men's masters divisions respectively for at least the last two years. Let's see if they can keep their streaks going!

Apr. 1, Tuesday, 6PM: Stage 1: Spotts Park

Apr. 8, Tuesday, 6PM: Stage 2: Shepherd Bridge (at Memorial)

Apr. 15, Tuesday, 6PM: Stage 3: White Oak Bayou (at Thelma)

Apr. 22, Tuesday, 6PM: Stage 4: Ho Chi Minh (Mem. Park Rugby Field)

Apr. 29, Tuesday, 6PM: Stage 5: Ho Chi Minh (Mem. Park Rugby Field)

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