Thursday, April 23, 2009

Top Ten Good, Bad and Ugly Observations About Last Night’s LP Run

10. Why can’t they play “Born to Run” when the master males run?
9. Heard in stands by some of the open runners: “What’s an LP?”
8. I now know how a hamster feels when he runs on that wheel.
7. We gave up Valhalla for this?
6. It’s nice to hear people cheer for you . . . for the first THREE laps.
5. When this was an hour long race, did they used to play the ticking clock from ’60 Minutes’ over the loudspeaker?
4. Even if we lost power, we could continue the race using the light from Rob’s Boston shirt.
3. The race doesn’t end any faster if you run slower.
2. No Simon Brabo and Don Brenner opens up the race for Runner of the Season
1. Poor hydration + 90° day + 20 minutes hard running = Dehydration + Cramps= Poor race.


  1. Oh Come on!!!
    At least you didn't run at 6:30pm when sun was staring you in the face and it felt like hell....

    I am sure little massage after the run would have helped with cramps, :-)

  2. I've run that leg before and would at least have had a chance to warm up and, in do so, would have figured out to modify my pace.

  3. I modified my pace halfway into the race as I didn't see any point in killing myself in hot weather.