Thursday, January 3, 2013

Volunteers needed for the Mile 2 water station at the Houston Marathon - Please help!

From HARRA President and BCRR Member Joe Carey:

"Can you see if you can find me some warm bodies out of BCRR, ALRC and Tornados to lend a hand at Mile 2 water station a week from Sunday?

The planned captain bailed with his volunteers.    I am going to fill in as station captain and need to get some more volunteers or else I don't see how there can be a station.  

It really is an easy duty since the volunteer does not need to be there until 6 am and is done at 8 am.   Perfect for someone dropping off a runner at CHM at 5:30 am, working the station and moving on later in the course to watch. 

Or perfect for someone not running this year who can give back.  

If we could get 4 to 6 folks from each club, I would be forever in your debt.    Let me know if this is possible, I know a lot of people have plans already so I am not sure."

Get them to sign up at:


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