Friday, August 2, 2013

BCRR Family Member Needs Help!

From President Rosie Schmandt:  BCRR Family Member Needs Help!

As you may have heard by now, longtime BCRR member Molly Regan, has lost her home and all of her personal belongings in the wake of a horrible fire that engulfed seven homes in Houston this past weekend.

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 In true BCRR community fashion, many of our club members have already stepped up to ask how they can help out.  Here are a few friendly suggestions.

In the short term, gift cards to Target or Walmart offer great flexibility to replace personal items.  We will also accept any monetary donations at Valhalla, and will convert the collection to a gift card from the club.  Since Molly is currently living in a hotel, an invitation to dinner and a chance to do laundry might be nice too.

It may be a few months, but once Molly finds a new place to live, she’s going to need house stuff.  If you are in the process of replacing or upgrading anything in your home (bookshelf, desk, table & chairs, sofa, lamps, even kitchen tools and utensils), rather than donating it elsewhere, please set it aside.  We are thinking of starting a type of registry of household items that we can make available to Molly.  This will save her from having to buy everything brand new and all at once.  Best of all, you know your “donation” will be going to a good home!!  If you can help with large item delivery, that too would be greatly appreciated!

Please let Sam Pace ( or Rosie Schmandt ( know if you would like to contribute in any way. The Bayou City Road Runners are “family” to many of us and at times like this, it sure feels good to know we have family that cares. Thanks to everyone!


  1. What size clothing and shoes is Molly?

  2. Clothing: small, sz 4. Not sure about shoes