Friday, August 2, 2013

HASH Kickball Challenge - Benefit for Eddie Rodriguez

The Houston Hash House Harriers Kickball Challenge - Benefit for Eddie Rodriguez - Friday, August 9, at 6:30 PM in Memorial Park.   
We’ve been challenged to a friendly game of kickball and there’s free beer involved!
The Houston Hash House Harriers (H4) have challenged all of HARRA’s running clubs, including BCRR, to a game of kickball.  
H4 and HARRA will each sponsor a keg and donations will be accepted to support the recovery fund of fellow HARRA member and former BCRR President, Eddie Rodriguez.  Eddie (aka Hasher "Ho Cheez Man") was severely injured in a car accident this past April and is on his way to recovery thanks to the donations from many of his friends within the running community!
HARRA President, Joe Carey, will be our mighty captain, so please consider joining us for a fun evening!
Date:  Friday, August 9, 2013
Time:  6:30pm
Location: Grassy area off of the Picnic Loop (south side of Memorial Drive)
How this will work: Wear your attractive and functional BCRR logo shirt or purple color! If we have 11 players, we will be able to play an inning (or more) together. If there are fewer than 11, our players will be fielded with those from other clubs. (The game has 5 innings) If there are too many HARRA players we can have a round robin tournament. 

Don’t like to kick balls? Be a HARRA athletic supporter instead!  Members of the media, deep-pocket donators, spectators, cheerleaders, designated drinkers, hecklers, etc. will all be welcome

(Not sure what will happen in the unlikely event we lose...maybe Joe Carey will have to chug and sing one of the HASH's child-inappropriate songs. Also not sure what will happen if we win...maybe Joe Carey will chug and sing one of the HASH's adult inappropriate songs...)
If you’re playing, watching or just drinking, please consider making a donation to Eddie’s recovery fund in lieu of a fee to play or drink!  Kegs from St. Arnold’s and Karbach will be provided
Hope to see you there!

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