Saturday, January 16, 2016



It's almost race day! Here is the last minute information:

--Race Day-- 
  • BEFORE the race starts, the club will meet inside GRB for last minute planning, bag drop, and camaraderie. Look for us under/beside the BCRR banner. We will meet inside GRB. at the letter "B" in the reunion area. 
  • BEFORE the race starts, Andrew will collect gear at the GRB convention center and transport it to your desired aid station. Just bring your fresh socks, Gu, or sunglasses, etc. in a Ziplock bag labeled with your name, pace and desired aid station, and look for the BCRR flag in the convention hall to drop it off BEFORE 6:30 AM. 
  • DURING the race the club will host two aid stations especially for BCRR members. The aid stations will be located near the 13-mile marker (approx Westpark Dr and 610) and the 20-mile marker (approx Memorial at Woodway). These aid stations will be a good place to drop off outerwear, or pick up something you stored in your Ziplock bag (noted above).
  • DURING the race BCRR members on the full marathon course (but NOT the half course) will pass by Chuck and Cheryl's home near the mile-8 marker (approx Mandell st and Rice Blvd) and may drop off outerwear. This drop off spot is in addition to BCRR aid stations at mile 13 and 20.
  • AFTER the race we will all celebrate together at a private party hosted by the always gracious, Sue Leone and Alan Svoboda, and their team of entertainment experts: Cheryl Verlander, Chuck Bracht, Ivy Martino, and Jim Knievel. Party will be located at 326 Terrace Avenue, Houston 77007. The party, starts at 11:00 AM, and features a heated swimming pool (bring a towel), a large Jacuzzi, NFL playoff games on multiple TVs, hot showers (bring your own towel), and a buffet of GREAT food. All this and an assortment of "liquid refreshments" for a door fee is $10 per person for BCRR members, and $15 per person for non-members/guests. See you there!

GOOD LUCK to all runners and THANK YOU to all volunteers! See you at GRB!

BCRR Board