Wednesday, November 13, 2019

BCRR MIDWEEK UPDATE - Rocket's Run 2019

Rockets Run - Sunday, November 17th
The Rockets Run will be Sunday, November 17th at Sam Houston Park 
**NOTE location CHANGE from previous years**

BCRR needs 10 more volunteers for Road Guards and Support. Volunteers will check-in at Sam Houston Park @ 6AM

You will be sent an email on Friday with your Road Guard/Volunteer location along the course, along with a permit for your car to allow you on the course. 

BCRR Volunteers Needed:
  • 2 Water Station Captains
  • 8 Road Guards
  • 2 Turn-around Captains
  • 2 Start/Finish Captains
This event is a revenue builder for the club, which covers many party expenses. Please email to volunteer. 

**NOTE: The BCRR Run will be moved to Saturday, November 16th to accommodate those volunteering for the Rocket’s Run. Saturday run begins at 6:30 AM beginning at the Tennis Center.**
Stay warm!! - BCRR Board