Monday, October 1, 2007

Headlamp on Ho Chi Minh

So, I finally gave in, and bought a headlamp to wear during the Saturday morning Ho Chi Minh trail runs with HTREX. At 6:30, it's still dark in them thar woods, and the roots are sharper and the rocks gnarlier. Hopefull my handy-dandy $9.99 headlamp from Target will prevent me from doing a face-plant before the sun even rises. Tho' experience has shown that most trail trips are done during the walk breaks anyway...right, Kathryn??

More next weekend on my first headlamp experience.



  1. Hey Michelle!
    Sounds like so much fun, I really don't know how longer I can resist the urge to join you! Maybe it's just a survival instinct I have that keeps me away from gnarly rocks and sharp roots! Face planting also doesn't sound particularly appealing but I guess the runner in me will have me out on the trails soon... and then bragging about how I didn't get injured. That's when having a lot of running friends really comes in handy 'cause non-runners could really care less! Oh, and thanks for conveniently leaving out the poison ivy thingy too!

  2. Running with a headlamp can be quite fun after you get used to it. If your Target version gets too heavy, try