Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Candidates running for reelection to the BCRR Board of Directors 2013-2014

Voting for next year's Board of Directors will take place at the BCRR Annual Awards Banquet Wednesday, May 29th at St. Arnold's Brewery. Details see Here.

The following board members are seeking reelection for the 2013-2014 term after serving the last year in these positions. Below are their candidate statements from 2012 (view candidate statements for open Member-at-Large positions here) :


Rosie    Rosie Schmandt

I am honored to be nominated for the position of BCRR president this year. I previously served on the BCRR board for 5 years, as an ad hoc member during David Gaughn's presidency, as an at-large member for two years during Mark Fraser's presidency, and finally as VP during April Murphy's presidency. Since then, I've been happy to work behind the scenes as a BCRR booster. I love this club!

BCRR has had fantastic leadership over the years. If elected, I hope to follow in the footsteps of our past boards, all of who have been very inclusive in the management of our club. Any and all help will be gratefully accepted. The coordination of BCRR running and social events within the framework of a busy HARRA race schedule requires a real team effort, not only from the elected board members, need the participation of all of our members in the HARRA fall and spring series to make the 2012-13 running season a successful one!

Just to change things up, I would like to revive some of our older social events in addition to our regular happy hours. We need get the "Why I run instead of bowl" trophy out of mothballs and back into circulation (ask around about the origins of this coveted trophy). Scrabble and poker runs, and softball challenges have been a fun way to mix and mingle with other running clubs. Volleyball and a new favorite, croquet, are also great happy hour events that I hope to continue.

As a newcomer to Houston, I joined BCRR as a way to get in shape and make new friends outside of work. I got more than that. I was welcomed as a member of an extended family ... one that runs. BCRR got me through my first marathon, 17 more after that, and hopefully many more to come. Believe me, this is not something I could have done on my own. I've never seen a group of people who support each other, in good times and in bad, both on and off the road, like the members of the Bayou City Road Runners. I am a proud member of this great club, and will try my best to serve our membership. I appreciate your support.

Vice  President

Bob Robert (Bob) Thompson

It is an honor to have been nominated for the vice president position for the new BCRR board. I have been a recreational runner for over 25 years and a BCRR club member since 2005. BCRR has not only made me a better runner but also a better person. I have met and become friends with a number of great BCRR members. During that time I have gone from running mostly alone to hardly ever running alone because of these friendships.

What I like most about our club is that we are a very diverse group. We have serious runners, casual runners and members from many different cultures and backgrounds. The club has a lot of social activities, which has allowed me to gain many new friends.

I feel I am a good candidate for the board because I have a great deal of prior experience serving on committees for scouting (both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts) as well as school activities for both of my children. I have developed management and problem solving skills from starting and running a small business.

During my seven years with the club I have volunteered and/or participated in many races for the club. Very importantly, I am a good team member. Rosie has been a good friend of mine for many years. I will do everything I can to help her succeed as the new president and to help BCRR continue to be the best and most fun running club in Houston.


Sam    Samantha (Sam) McMurtrey

Years in BCRR: 3.5 years
Favorite Running Event: All of them

Hello BCRR: Most of you already know who I am but to confirm, I am British, mother of two girls, and a dog named Max. I have been a member of BCRR for about 2.5 years and this will be my second year to be nominated for a Member At Large position. I have had a lot of fun working on the board this past year and hope to continue the service by giving back to the club as much as I have received.

Susan    Susan Cita

I am very grateful to be nominated for BCRR Board for 2012-2013. When I started exercising in 2005, I never thought I would join a running club, any more than I thought of running numerous marathons, half marathons and 5Ks, but I surprisingly have.

Since joining BCRR in 2006, I have enjoyed being an active member, BCRR supported race volunteer, BCRR Relay Team Masters Women Captain (2008), recipient of Dale Holder Award (2009 & 2011), Alex's 5K Food Service Coordinator (2011 & 2012), and Houston Marathon 20-mile BCRR Hoopla Station Coordinator & Sponsor (2008-2012)

My experience, past and current, in other non-profit and community improvement organizations include volunteering for Keep Houston Beautiful, Trees for Houston, Habitat for Humanity, and The Houston Food Bank; past Treasurer for Friends of Piedmont Park and The Piedmont Park Conservancy in Atlanta; past Treasurer, Chairperson, and Texas State Conference Chair for the American Society of Landscape Architects Houston/Gulf Coast Section; and current City of Houston Clean City Commissioner.

BCRR is great running club that truly has a positive effect on Houston. I would be very honored to serve on BCRR's 2013-2013 Board and continue to support our club in any way I can.

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